Frequently asked Question
  • 1. Why should use your signals service?

    Here are 5 main reasons:

    1. You receive signals and analytics from top author of the main analytical platform Tradingview.com

    2. FREEDOM & STRESS LESS - an average of 4 signals per day! Enjoy life and money!

    3. SIGNAL UPDATES. We sent you messages every time a transaction was opened or changed, so you do not need to guess what is happening.

    4. HONESTY - Our results are 100% real-time and true.

    5. SIMPLE - No second interpretations. All transactions have specific stop loss and goals.

  • 2. I would like to begin trading forex and use your trading signals. Where do I start?

    You can start trading in no time by taking these simple steps:

    1) open a forex trading account with one of our recommended forex brokers;

    2) deposit your initial capital into this trading account;

    3) choose a tariff plan and trade with profitable signals.

  • 3. How do you send signals?

    We send signals to a private group in the Telegram channel. A day comes from 3 or more signals. If you don't have time to follow them, you can install a signal copying bot. So you will always have time to open profitable trades.

  • 4. What deposit can I start trading with?

    We recommend starting trading with at least $300 (lot size 0.01). Of course, if your amount is smaller, having leverage will also allow you to open trades.

  • 5. What strategy do you use for signals?

    When analyzing and generating signals for you, we use the Price Action strategy. 80% of our signals are intraday trades. We do not use scalping and do not keep signals for weeks.

  • 6. Which brokers should I choose?

    All of our recommended brokers have passed a serious selection. Since the choice of a broker is one of the most important stages in trading. You can create a demo account with each broker and choose the one that suits you best.

  • 7. I want to understand trading, what do I need?

    If you want not just to follow the signals, but to understand the whole trading - we offer you to take our trading course. The course consists of 9 topics + you will get access to my personal strategy. Each topic contains information on a specific direction in trading. Thus, you do not acquire narrowly focused information, but study everything. I also want to note that it does not contain only text, all material contains examples and training videos. Under each video you can ask questions. Videos will be updated.

  • 8. After the course I can only trade?

    The information in a trading course gives you access to an understanding of all trading. Therefore, after the course, you will have knowledge that will help you earn money not only by trading, they will give you access to various directions. Contact us and we will gladly send you a Trader's Career Guide that will show you how you can apply the knowledge after the trading course.