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What do we offer?

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What do we offer?

The content of The Trading Course
1. Introduction to Forex
In this topic we get to know what is Forex, how it appeared. How Currency pairs are formed and which are the Most popular. Let's see who Participates in the Market. Which brokers to choose. We will also analyze the features of different Trading sessions. And of course, we list the Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex trading.
2. Charts
We will find out what Types of charts are available, as well as which ones are best suited for trading. Let's take the Structure of candles. And we will learn how to choose the right Time frames for charts that are right for you.
3. Technical analysis
Learn the history of technical analysis. And what tools are used. Of course, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this type of analysis. And we will learn to build and understand trends, lines, levels and channels. And also what to do if they break through.
4. Patterns
You will learn what Patterns are and how they work on charts. We will learn how to find and apply them.
5. Indicators
Let's explore the top best indicators, where to find them and how to trade with them.
6. Fundamental analysis
Let's define what Fundamental Analysis is. Let's learn the Types of Fundamental analysis. Let's look at the Factors that influence on it. Let's understand what NFP is. We will learn where to Check the main news and how to Use them for trading. And also we will analyze what is better - Technical or Fundamental analysis.
7. Risk-Management
Let's define what Money Management is and list its main rules. Let's learn how to define Risk per trade and Risk per profit. And also what percentage must be observed for successful trading.
8. Traders career
We will analyze where we can apply our knowledge and why we need this course.
9. My Strategy
We will conduct a full analysis of –°urrency Pairs using my Personal Strategy. You will learn how to apply all the knowledge gained in the Course and Understand how to Profitably analyze the market.

What do we offer?

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